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Welcome to South Florida's favorite surf band, The Surfin' Tones! We're glad you stopped by. The band is committed to playing your favorite surf and instrumental classis hits of the 50's and 60's. We are constantly working on making the sound as true to the original artist's version as possible. We hope you enjoy our music.

Greg Darby
(Lead Guitar)
Geoff Black
(Bass Guitar)
Greg Sutherland
(Rhythm Guitar
& Keyboards)
Geoff West
(Drums &

Greg Darby
I can remember getting my first guitar from Sears in Northern Canada, an old Silvertone Black hollowbody with dual pickups. (had no amplifier but it was awesome!) I would sit in front of the stereo at age 12 and listen to the song Apache and pretend to play it, only took me 40 years to learn it.... not bad!

I grew up here in South Florida and played in a local band in high school during the '60's, surfing and working on cars. Listening to Rick 'Ricky-ticky' Shaw and Roby Younge (the big Kahuna) on Tiger Radio 560am, hanging around Masters/Tiger's Den, the Armory and Code One, so this music is a permanent part of my memories. Over the next few years, I gravitated to the acoustic guitar paying duo's and solo stuff, mostly just for fun - CSNY, Simon and Garfunkel, Eagles, etc. Sandwiched somewhere in this time frame was some wailing rock on an old ES-335.

Prior to forming The Surfin' Tones, I had some of my best gig's ... playing at the 'end of the bed' with my son Chad, watching him evolve into an awesome guitar player (blowing my doors off) and showing the old man how to 'pick and grin'!

The Surfin' Tones, is not only about the music of a great era, but we're on a mission to perpetuate the unique sounds of classic surf music, a part of American music history.
Geoff Black
Geoff is the great pretender! He has played the part of Paul McCartney and John Fogerty in two of the most recognized tribute bands Let It Be and Green River.

"I love this music! I'm excited about applying my skills in being a part of a band paying tribute to The Ventures, recently inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. These classic instrumental tunes are timeless!"

Geoff has toured with legends like Billy Joel, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddily and Del Shannon. He has recorded three albums, six singles and has one gold record to his credit. He has toured with the "Beatlemania" cast and has made numerous TV appearances.
Greg Sutherland
I grew up in Chicago listening to AM radio and watching “Where The Action IS”. Christmas of 67 brought my first guitar, a virtually unplayable acoustic electric. It was used in my first “gig”, a one-song tribute for the eight-grade graduation class. Not my finest moment!

My first garage band formed when I was about ten, playing to a packed driveway using instruments made out of cardboard and a record player. Since then I remained a dedicated hobbyist through several bands with various friends, playing out just enough to keep it fun.

I started playing keyboards, along the way, to add sounds and material. There just might be a sax in the future. The Surfin' Tones allows me to expand the guitar and keyboard and experiment on honing the tone on those raunchy sax breaks.
Geoff West
I began my musical odyssey playing classical piano at age six, moved on to cello, organ, trumpet, and guitar while growing up in Dallas, Texas. I started playing drums in the junior high school marching band and got my first trap set and lesson at age 14 from Ronnie Tutt, Elvis Presley's drummer. I minored in Percussion throughout college at S.M.U.

I've been fortunate to play drums, piano and bass guitar with many different types of groups over the years, including Rock 'n Roll, pop, classic rock, Christian rock, C & W, and Vegas show bands. I have backed numerous artists, including The Drifters, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Goldsboro, Jimmy Reed, Bo Didley, and Freddy King. In 1966 I was the studio drummer for a series of national Dr Pepper radio jingles with Donna Loren and Dick Clark.

I'm excited about the opportunity to play with the Surfin' Tones. Not only are they all great folks, but it gives me the chance to play many of the same great instrumental hit tunes I played in my first band in junior high school, when these songs were on the charts and we didn't realize that anyone in the band could sing.